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Maravalli Kizhangu – Cassava

Maravalli Kizhangu – Cassava

Maravalli Kizhangu – Cassava Health benefits

Maravalli kizhangu – Cassava is a gluten free, fibre and mineral rich root and a staple food in many countries. It also contains vitamin B6, vitamin C and has the capability to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. It also helps in bone health. Cassava or maravalli is rich in starch and carbohydrate next to wheat and rice. Once cooked it tastes just like boiled potatoes and I love it.  Let’s cook this beautiful root.

Maravalli Kizhangu – Cassava Ingredients

Cassava or Maravalli Kizhangu  – 2 any size
Salt  –  to taste
Water  –  As needed to cook

Maravalli Kizhangu - Cassava
Boiled Cassava or Maravalli Kizhangu in salted water.
Step 1 cassava-maravalli sliced
Slice the cassava (Maravalli Kizhangu) into 2 inches so that it is easy to cook.
Step 2 cut cassava-maravalli
Do not bother washing it first. Wash only after slicing and peeling.
Step 3 peeling outer layer and second layer
It is very important to peel until the second layer. If you peel only the first layer, it is going to taste bitter. I think most of us know this already. However, if some of you are not aware, it is good that you know now.
Step 4 maravalli-cassava rinsed
It looks beautiful once rinsed. Now it is ready to be cooked and served.
Step 5 hot water
Take water in a vessel and bring it to boil. Choose the vessel depending upon the size and volume of the cassava you have chosen. Let the water be enough to cover the cassava.
Step 6 added to boiling water
Once the water has come to the boiling point, add cassava. I have chosen the boiling method in this. You can use the steaming method. It is as effective as boiling.
Step 7 added salt
Add salt to taste.
Setp 8 closed the lid for cooking
Close the lid and reduce the flame to simmer. Allow it to cook for 15 to 20 minutes.
Step 9 cooked cassava-maravalli
Cooked and ready after 20 minutes. I put the knife, the cassava just splits into half. It’s to tender and it smells nice and cooked.
Maravalli Kizhangu - Cassava
Maravalli Kizhangu – Cassava is now served hot. No other seasoning is needed. Salt is more than enough and it tastes really good and simple. Enjoy 🙂

I am sure you loved this simple recipe. Thank you so much for stopping by. Come back for more recipes and have a great day 😀

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