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About My Great Kitchen

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Hi and Welcome to mygreatkitchen!

My name is Shakti operating ‘my great kitchen‘ with the help and guidance of my Mother. My love for food and interest in food photography nugded me to open this blog and more than that I love simple recipes. Most of the recipes in my blog are inspired by Tamil Cuisine.

Other than South Indian, there is a whole lot love for North Indian cuisines, noodles, pizza, sandwiches and I have a huge crush on baking (especially breads – aww I love them!)

I binge on homemade snacks and soups when boredom strikes me ;-).

I love recipes that are simple and suitable for everyday cooking. Now a days cooking has become a challenge to people of all gender in their busy schedule. They prefer to eat outside because of time contraint. Even at home most of us prefer easy, simple and delicious recipes with home ingredients.

My cooking style – simple recipes, easy and healthy

Omelette with BreadMy cooking style is simple and in a ‘no fancy’ way which I learned from my Mom. I share only the recipes I love and cook frequently with regular ingredients. I always prefer local ingredients as they are fresh, trustworthy and always available.

According to me a good recipe is the one that is made with common ingredients and anyone in the world should be able to make. The mindset for cooking I have developed is that when I cook, I like to feel easy, graceful and relaxed.

Planning is essential for relaxed cooking!

My cooking involves a lot of pre-planning and keeping things ready in advance so that I don’t have to ‘prep’ or rush in the last minute. All it should take is ‘cook n serve’ within 30 or maximum 45 minutes. Relaxation is always my mantra ;-D.

Maintaining a food journal is a very good habit for planning weekly meals. I am currently using google calendar for planning meals. It helps in budget and helps in avoiding duplication of recipes, which means, no same recipe for 2 consecutive days. Keep a track of refrigerated left overs regularly and avoid over stacking and food wastage.

Food calendar -
Food calendar with google calendar! Its easy, portable and smart!

Invest in an Indian style pressure cooker that whistles!

Prestige Pressure panNo matter where you are located, you can cook rice, dal, meat, beans, peas, vegetables and more recipes in a faster and healthier manner using a pressure cooker that whistles. I prefer Indian style pressure cookers and pans as they have a simple design, whistle when pressure is full, cook faster and easy to handle.

You can check these recipes where I have used pressure cooking. There is more to come.


Sambar made easy with pressure cooking!
Rice pressure cooked
Pressure cooking rice is easy and reliable. 

 Wrap up!

  • Simple way of cooking;
  • Planning ahead and keeping the ingredients and the recipe ready, no mess!;
  • Has many pressure cooked recipes;
  • Cooking suitable for real every day life and ‘no fancy’; and
  • Tasty recipes with regular ingredients.

We all have ups and downs which reflects upon our cooking and lifestyle. I might feel exhausted at times and want to cook within 30 minutes or might become a cooking maniac and happy to spend hours in the kitchen. So in my view, cooking should be flexible, keeping health, time, situation and occassion in mind. I believe you love my concept of cooking and living life in a simpler way and more in a realistic way. Thanks for coming by and have a great day.