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Potato Sandwich

Potato Sandwich

Sandwich with boiled potatoes

Most of us have busy morning schedules and want fast and easy cooking with already available ingredients in our kitchen. We need a breakfast that is not only fast and convenient to prepare but also filling our tummy with energy to run with the busy morning schedules. The first option for breakfast for most of us is bread. Why only spread butter, let’s have healthy potato sandwich. Potato is filled with fibre, vitamin B6, vitamin C, minerals and antioxidants. Potatoes also have heart friendly qualities. Potatoes are the best in terms of health when boiled and not further fried or raw fried like chips or fries. Potato sandwich is my first favourite. My second favourite is egg omelette with bread. Let’s start cooking.

Potato Sandwich Toasted
Toasted potato sandwiches

Ingredients for potato sandwich

Potatoes  –  7 medium sized
Omam or oregano seeds  –  1 teaspoon
Red chilli powder  –  1 teaspoon or more if you want
Turmeric powder  –   1/2 a teaspoon
Ghee or clarified butter  –  1 tablespoon
Salt to taste

Step 1 Boiled Peeled Potatoes
Boil the potatoes either in pressure cooker or in an open vessel. I pressure cooked it and it took not more than 7 minutes. Just wash the potatoes and add them to the pressure cooker and fill water just to cover the potatoes and not more than that. Cook on high flame until it whistles. Then reduce to simmer and cook for 5 minutes, and turn off the flame. Let the pressure come down naturally. Open the cooker and strain all the water. Let the potatoes cool down a little bit and then peel them.
Setp 2 Mashed and Added Spices and Ghee
In this step I have first mashed the potatoes and then added turmeric powder, oregano seeds (omam), red chilli powder, clarified butter (ghee) and salt. You can add or reduce the ingredients as per you choice of taste.
Step 3 Spiced Mashed Potatoes
Once added all the necessary ingredients, mix them with hands and let the spices and the seasoning blend. Let this mixture rest for at least 5 minutes.
Step 4 Potatoes in Equal Quantities
Roll the mixture like a ‘laddu’ according to the size of the bread you are using. If you are using large sized breads, then make big laddus. I feel making laddus is good so that all the breads get equal quantities of the potato mixture.
Step 5 Filled the Breads with Potatoes
This is my favourite step. Filled the breads with the mixture and covered them with another bread to make sandwiches.
Step 6 Added Ghee
Poured a few drops of ghee also called clarified butter.
Step 7 Potato Sandwich On the Hot Pan
Pour half a teaspoon of ghee on the pan and place the sandwich on the top of it. Remember to keep the flame in medium once the pan has become hot. I sometimes reduce the flame all the way to simmer depending upon the heat and the thickness of a pan and also the thickness of bread. The pan I have used here is a traditional dosa pan and it is 2.5mm thick. We call it ‘dosai satti’ in Tamil.
Step 8 Sandwich cooking other side
Flip the sandwich for the other side to toast and spread ghee around the sandwich. If you toast the bread on high heat it may burn and become black quickly. To get the crispiness in every bite it is good to toast them on a low flame. I think not much to say here as we are (or become) familiar with the things we use everyday in our kitchen.
Alright! Potato sandwiches served hot! I did not bother cutting them in half or in four because I always eat it whole for a bigger bite :-D. Enjoy!
Alright! Potato sandwiches served hot! I did not bother cutting them in half or in four because I always eat it whole for a bigger bite :-D. Enjoy!

You may also like:

  • to add finely finely chopped coriander leaves;
  • to add freshly grated cheese for more volume and nice texture;
  • to skip turmeric if you don’t want;
  • adding lettuce or spinach and much more :-D; and
  • Remember to cut the large potatoes in half while boiling them.

I am sure you enjoyed this simple recipe with minimum ingredients. Thank you for visiting and come back for more. Have a great day 😀

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