Mosambi Juice

Mosambi Juice

Mosambi or Sweet Lime

Mosambi is a nutrient rich fruit packed with Vitamin C and Antioxidants. It is also known as Sweet Lime. It’s scientific name is ‘citrus limetta’ and belongs to the citrus family. This beautiful healing fruit also helps in building immunity and is one my favourite fruits. Every time I get sick, I have Mosambi juice and really get better faster. I thought this worked only for me, however, it worked for my 12 month old niece as well. Since then I not only love sweet lime but also feel grateful to have it growing in our garden. Let’s move on to making this recipe. Here is the ingredients list:

Mosambi   – 4 numbers
Cardamom – 2 numbers
Sugar            – To taste (optional)
Juicer or Mixer Grinder to make juice.

 Mosambi Juice
Mosambi Juice has healing properties. Have the juice twice a week for better immunity.
Mosambi or Sweet Lime
Mosambi Tree
Mosambi Juice
Mosambi Juice or Sweet Lime Juice
Mosambi Peeled
Peel the fruit
Mosambi De-Seeded
Remove the outer skin and de-seed it completely to avoid bitterness.
Add it to the mixing jar. you can use juicer if you want.
Add 2 medium sized cardamoms
Add Sugar to taste. This is optional. Some prefer ‘no sugar’. You can also add honey instead.
Let the mixer on for 30 seconds. I preferred to use mixer instead of juicer so that the juice is thicker and a little bit pulpy.
The juice is now ready to be served.
Mosambi Juice_Transfer
Pour the juice to serve.
Mosambi Juice Ready
Yes! Healthy mosambi juice is ready!

Mosambi juice tastes better when you follow simple tips:

    • Always de-seed the fruit completely or else the juice may taste bitter.
    • Serve the juice immediately and don’t make it sit for long.
    • You can replace sugar with honey.
  • You can add dates or pomegranate to make it more healthy.

Mosambi Peels are useful for:

  • Skin when applied as a pack and exfoliation. Sun dry the peels, powder them and store them in an air tight container in the refrigerator.
  • Cakes, biscuits, pulao and icecream. I have tried only on these. Let me know if you have tried on some other recipes.

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