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Tamil New Year 2016 – Best Wishes

Tamil New Year 2016 – Best Wishes

Happy Tamil New Year – Chithirai Thirunaal Nal Vazhthugal

Best Wishes Tamil New Year 2016
Payasam on the occasion of Tamil New Year.

I send the best wishes to everyone. May all happiness, satisfaction and victory come to you in all aspects of your life. This month is so special that we celebrate it for the entire 30 days. The first day of the Tamil month ‘Chithirai’ is celebrated  as Tamil New Year. ‘Chithirai’ comes in the second week of April. I personally feel spiritually uplifted in this month. I am so fortunate to have Tiruvannamalai as my home town and even more lucky to visit the Big ‘Annamalaiyar’ temple which is thousands of years old. The full moon which comes this month is said to have the power to reduce the ‘karmic’ effects of one who circles the divine hill of Tiruvannamalai with humble heart of forgiveness and acceptance. Even the tourists who casually visit the temple without knowing this special occasion, feel a significant amount of difference in energy and vibration. There is a lot more to add about this month. In short, the Tamil month of Chithirai is the most special and auspicious. The entire month is celebrated and it is the longest festival known to the world. You can have detailed information about this day in Wikipedia.

Today we performed a small puja (divine offerings and prayer) and celebrated Tamil New Year at home. Regular puja brings positive energy at home as we must first clean the entire house, keep everything properly arranged, prepare ‘sattvik’ food as offerings and do prayer with gratitude and for world peace.

All these practices are very symbolic which attract positive energy such as:

  • Cleaning the house, which means clearing the negative energy.
  • Arranging everything in the house in an orderly manner, very symbolic to an organised mind with clarity in thinking, thus, clearing clutter and confusions not only at home, but, also in every walk of life.
  • Decorating the home with simple kolams (waves or designs) and flowers is a symbol of happiness and welcoming goodness.
  • Wearing new clean clothes and jewellery.
  • Preparing sattvik food as a divine offering such as fruits, garden fresh vegetables if any, vada, payasam, rice, sambar and more as per personal interests.
  • Chanting simple divine mantras for prosperity and protection.

These are all a symbol of gratitude which affirm that we are blessed with enough food, clothing and shelter. Hence all these practices are very scientific which bring more and more positivity, success in all areas of life and spiritual upliftment. These practices are above ‘religiousness’. I believe people from all over the world follow similar practices in different ways and in the form of different cultures.

Kolam Enterance
Decorated our entrance with a simple kolam design.
Kolam at the Door
Small and positive symbols at the door.
Kolam Lotus
Lotus Kolam inside the gate near hall entrance.
Border Kolam
Drew border at the inner and outer entrance as a symbol to keep negativity away.
Tulasi Kolam
‘Tulasi’, the holy basil.
Best Wishes Tamil New year 2016
A small view of the offerings and prayer.

I once again wish all a very happy Tamil New Year and send love and gratitude to every one reading this post. I am sure you loved this post. I posted this with a view of positive scientific practices we follow on a regular basis and these practices also come under ‘yogic practices’. ‘Yoga’ is not ‘exercise’. ‘Yoga’ means merger with the highest divine energy of the Universe with a series of practices and exercises as one of the yogic karmas. Thank you for visiting and have an excellent year ahead.

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