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Spinach Stems Fry

Spinach Stems Fry

Spinach a Yes to health!

All spinach varieties become our best friend once we know that they are always on top of the nutrition list. I love spinach as much as potato fries. Spinach are also versatile and when they are added to a simple sandwich or to any deep fry recipe, they add the health value and become more interesting to eat with satisfaction that ‘I am eating healthy’. There are chances that many of us leave the stems and eat only the leaves. Here I am going to share a recipe which includes only stems of the spinach. You can choose any spinach variety with nice good stem for this recipe. Here is the spinach stems fry recipe.

Spinach Stem Fry
Spinach stem with potato

Ingredients (Spinach stems fry)

500gms                Spinach stem

200gms                Chopped potatoes

1/4th teaspoon     Turmeric powder

1 teaspoon             Coriander seeds powder

2 teaspoons           Red chilli powder

1 teaspoon             Urad dal (black lentils)

½ a teaspoon       Cumin seeds

½ a teaspoon       Mustard seeds

4 tablespoons       Oil

Salt to taste

100g                       Water

Ingredients for spinach stem potato fry as per the list.
diced potatoes
diced potatoes
chopped spinach stems
Spinach stems chopped
chopped potatoes and spinach stem
Chopped potatoes soaked in salt water
Tempering with mustard, cumin and lentils
Tempering at first with mustard, cumin and black lentil seeds
Spices and seasoning to the tempering
Added spices and seasoning. Added coriander powder, red chilli powder, turmeric powder and salt.
added water and kari leaves
Added water and kari leaves for saving the spices from burning and kari leaves for aroma.
stems and potatoes added to the spices
Stems and potatoes added at the same time. Saute until blended with the spices
closed lod cooking
Close the lid and simmer the flame to low. Saute every 2 minutes to spread even heat and avoid burning the spices at the bottom of the pan. This takes approximately 10 minutes depending upon the flame. You can check pricking the potato with the fork or a toothpick. Once the potatoes are easily pricked, it’s done!
Served hot
Serve hot! It is a good companion for rotis, puris, and with sambar or rasam rice. Enjoy and let me know once you tried it and share in the comments below. Also share how to improve this recipe. Thank you for reading! Have a wonderful day 😀

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