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Javvarisi Semiya Paal Payasam | Milk Payasam With Semolina & Sago

Javvarisi Semiya Paal Payasam | Milk Payasam With Semolina & Sago

Paal Payasam is a Main dessert of Tamilnadu

Paal means ‘milk’ and Payasam ‘liquid dessert’ or dessert having soup like consistency. This is the most favourite and the most respected dessert of Tamilnadu and all over South India. Paal Payasam is one of the important recipes in the menu on every special occasion and festivals of South India. Even though Payasam is prepared in many different ways with different ingredients, using javvarisi (sago or sabudana) and semiya (semolina) is one of the old ingredients still used predominantly on special occasions. I love this recipe. Find the ingredients in the next images.

Paal Payasam with Semolina and Sago
Javvarisi Semiya Paal Payasam Garnished with Dry Fruits

Ingredients for Paal Payasam

Water – 1 litre
Javvarisi or Sago – 100 grams
(Roasted) Semiya or Semolina – 100 grams
Sugar – 250 grams (Or you can have it as your taste)
Cashew Nuts – 10 numbers (you can have more)
Kismis or dry grapes – 10 numbers
Cardamoms – 4 Numbers crushed
Grated Coconut –  2 tablespoons
Ghee or Clarified Butter –  2 tablespoons

Let’s start cooking the delicious Paal Payasam with semolina and sago.

Paal Payasam Ingredients List

Take a thick bottomed utensil and heat 1 litre water until very hot.
Add Javvarisi (Sago) and cook until transparent.
Reduce the flame to medium and let the javvarisi cook until it is transparent. Keep stirring occasionally or it might get stuck at the bottom.
Javvarisi is cooked, transparent and has become less visible now.
Add roasted Semiya to the water and let it cook for 2 to 3 minutes.
Now add sugar. Keep the flame on medium and stir for 2 minutes.
In the meanwhile let’s boil milk separately on a different utensil.
After the milk is boiled turn off the flame and now get to the garnish.
Heat ghee on a garnish utensil and add dry fruits and cardamom.
Let Cashew and Kismis cook until golden brown.
Turn off the flame and now add grated dry coconuts.
Add the garnish to the Payasam.
Add Milk to the garnished payasam.
Mix well gently until the ingredients are blended.
You can add more milk if you need it to be more liquid.
Paal Payasam Served Hot
Wow! My favourite Paal Payasam is ready.

You can make your Paal Payasam better by:

  • Adding the necessary amount of saffron;
  • Soaking sago (javvarisi) for 10 minutes before cooking;
  • Adding thick milk and cream; and
  • Adding more nuts such as almonds and pistachio.

I hope you enjoyed this recipe. Thank you for visiting. Have a great day 😀

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